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The Time is Now to Reach Busy Baby Boomers

by Maggie Mahnesmith on February 2nd, 2012
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There’s no doubt that times are changing.  I never would have thought that my parents and grandparents would have attended more concerts than me and my husband last summer. Or, be driving to aerobics class, while talking on their cell phone, about my Aunt Peggy’s Facebook post, all after they finished caring for their aging parents.  Whew!  Boomers are busy!


It’s clear that Baby Boomers are on a mission to recapture their youth.  And, as empty-nesters, they have the time and money to do so.  Marketers, did you hear that?  They have the time and MONEY to invest in your product!  NOW is the best time to target the Baby Boomer generation.


According to Discovery Health and Fit, Boomers focus on feeling healthy and young, while combating obesity and other health-related problems.  In fact, preventative medicine is a top priority among Baby Boomers, which explains why 80% of Boomers feel younger than their age, according to Sodexo Senior Living.  This generation wants to take proactive steps to remain healthy.  After all, they have to be healthy in order to care for their parents, and keep up with their busy social calendar.


This may be why Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center’s Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) campaign, that specifically targeted Baby Boomers, was so successful.


Jayne Myers, Senior Copywriter at S+A, explains that the campaign’s headline, “Don’t let PAD slow you down,” talks directly to the fact that Boomers lead active lifestyles.  The messaging encouraged Boomers to seek medical examinations and treatments, so they could lead the healthiest, most active life possible while reducing the risk of PAD.


The headline proved to be effective, as Memorial Hospital quickly filled all PAD screening appointments and even had a waiting list.  This is proof that Boomers are in fact interested in staying healthy in order to be social, active parents and grandparents.


So, the next time you are targeting the Baby Boomer generation, we challenge you to speak directly to their youth-oriented, physically-active and can-do spirit.


The Memorial Hospital creative materials are below for your viewing pleasure.


Baby Boomers Marketing Direct Mail

Baby Boomers Marketing Print


We want to know how you’ve targeted Baby Boomers recently.  Leave us a comment and tell us your story.

We hope you’ve enjoyed part one of our Generation series featuring Baby Boomers.  Stay tuned for part two of our journey, which will focus on Generation X.


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